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I love these small shops in Japan. It’s basically a single cook and 3 to 5 seats. People eat and drink all night in there and it’s protected by simple plastic sheets. It can be izakaya or restaurants specialized in one kind of food only (yakitori, okonomiyaki, etc.) People always seem to have a good time!

Shot behind my office, a gritty street. Lonely headless pigeon up there.

The luxury runnings have been a trend lately and, well, I can’t say I resisted it. I bought these bad boys during sale seasons on LN-CC (one one my favorite store) and I’m extremely happy with them! Super comfortable, they also give a sporty look to any outfit. I haven’t tried them yet with a suit or something but I’m sure I could give it a shot (not a formal formal suit).

Some details are just a testimony of why a luxury house has the edge: the picture doesn’t really allow to show it but the grey things and the golden one at the front are reflecting the light, which is useful at night. Also, I love the hiking laces details and all the materials are incredible, like the double beehive at the back.

Every year, Lanvin comes ups with new models but I aimed for this pair since I saw it in NYC at the beginning of the season!

Love how cute these kids were with the hats and the huge bags!

Harajuku station. I liked these two girls, they were patiently waiting to cross, without talking to each other. 

Near Shinjuku. The last night of the trip, I decided to walk the whole way from Shibuya to where my room was (nakano). It was a long walk but I couldn’t resist it. You can find food and beverages pretty much at every corner in Japan, even in very isolated places. These vending machines are sometimes the only source of light in streets.

It is also the only place where you can find trash bin, which is very weird. I had to walk once for 15 minutes before finding an actual trash bin.

People in Japan usually don’t or drink while they walk, they do it when they buy on the spot or inside.

Aoyama, comme des garçons store. It`s one of my favorite brand and I think I visited a dozen throughout my whole trip in Japan. I was there at the same time they did a collaboration with Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, for example) and Nobrow collective. I don’t think this collection was available elsewhere than in Japan! Got a nice bag out of it and a nice book with the artists illustrations.