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Aoyama, comme des garçons store. It`s one of my favorite brand and I think I visited a dozen throughout my whole trip in Japan. I was there at the same time they did a collaboration with Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, for example) and Nobrow collective. I don’t think this collection was available elsewhere than in Japan! Got a nice bag out of it and a nice book with the artists illustrations.

I don’t exactly remember which stations was this. I always have something for people waiting in metros.

Akihabara. This grandpa took the time to check everything on that « crap » counter, with a lot of minutia. There are a LOT of these stores! I guess the demand is there…

Famicon games. Akihabara is the geek dream place, although it’s a very weird district (neko and maid coffees). Can’t say I didn’t buy any of these vintage games, just for the sake of collection and souvenir.

Nakano subway. Lots of suits. I liked how peaceful the people were when I was waiting for the metro to come. Very cinematographic to me.

Shibuya again. You can see how crazy it can be there.

Aoyama. I just love these two girls, the hair, the style, the nonchalance in their walk. and Mickey of course.

Shibuya during Halloween. I’ve experienced Halloween in Canada and it’s definetely different that what we have in France… (meaning, nothing). But I guess Tokyo is next level. The whole district was people dressed up. It was insane and people were really commited to it. Love how the girl on the right feels so rejected!

Shibuya. Probably one of the most striking places in the trip. We’ve all seen the crossing (it’s not this one) and it is such a weird experience and feeling when you come from a small village like I do. This one isn’t far of the big one and the bridge and lights reminded of neuromancer from William Gibson.

Harajuku. Such a crazy place. Nobody cares about anything there, you can be whatever you want. I think I liked that guy’s backpack.